Study Guide - Lawn Replacement Program

Section 1 - Introduction

You have made a smart decision to begin your lawn removal process. Grass (or turf) uses double the water of most other plants we grow in the Santa Clarita Valley. Your decision to remove part (or even most) of your lawn (also known as turf or grass) will save you water, time (in the long-run), and will help us preserve our water supply for our children and grandchildren. Thank you for your decision to help.

In this class, you will learn the basics of lawn removal, irrigation, soil and plant options. This class should give you enough information to complete the Lawn Replacement Program and the resources to find out more additional information. There will be questions on each screen for you to answer. The entire class will take about an hour for most people.You will need a 70% score or better to pass the assessment.

You can start the assessment and resume it at a later time if necessary. To resume the assessment, simply return to your dashboard and select the "Continue Assessment" link in the left column.