Smart Controller Program

Getting Started

First, you will validate your account by clicking the link below. Once validated, you will create your online profile and be given access to your personal dashboard. You can then view the progress of your project and view resources on completing it. We want you to have all the tools necessary to complete your project, so we have put together an educational assessment to confirm you are knowledgeable.

Once you have taken your assessment, the next step is to complete your application. It takes about 20 minutes to complete the application and can typically be done in one session. If for any reason you do not complete the application, it will be saved and the next time you log in to your dashboard, you will continue where you left off. You will need to answer some questions about your site; you will then upload a copy of your water bill and an image of your existing controller. Once that is complete you will provide the following information which may be added in any order you wish.

  • Account holder information
  • An image or scanned copy of your most recent water bill
  • An image of your current controller

When all the data has been provided, you will then review and submit your completed application. Once we have reviewed and approved your application you will be sent a voucher that can be redeemed at a local supplier for your new controller.

Please note that we pay upon completion of your project. This means that funds have not been set aside to pay you until you have uploaded photos of your complete project, we conduct a post-inspection, and you return a W-9 to us.

How to Apply For Your Smart Controller Voucher


Smart Controller Rebate Program Rules