Smart Controller Program

Program Overview

By participating in the smart irrigation controller program (also known as the "weather-based irrigation controller"), approximately 50% of residents have seen a decrease in their outdoor water use. However, this is not a guarantee. The smart irrigation controller will only save water if you have been over-irrigating (i.e., watering too much). It will not save water if you have been managing your irrigation system extremely well.

Once SCV residents or their landscapers complete our training, they will receive a voucher with instructions on how to pick up a free smart irrigation controller along with a wireless weather station and modules for up to 16 stations. This controller will automatically adjust the amount of time sprinklers are on based on weather, soil type, sprinkler type, and plant types. With a smart irrigation controller, you will avoid over-irrigating and irrigating in the rain, giving your plants just what they need!

This controller and wireless weather station lists for over $600, but you can get it free by attending our online class. A follow-up site visit from SLM (our consultant) is required to make sure the controller is installed and using the weather-based setting. If you need to reach him, he is at 805.823.5603 or

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How to Apply For Your Smart Controller Voucher


Smart Controller Rebate Program Rules